Ever Run a Stop Sign That’s Not There Yet?

I had to share this one. It’s so backwards I had to share it –

This morning I got a message from an online auction site telling me I had a listing violation for several auctions. Since I wasn’t currently selling anything, I checked the listings and found out they all ended weeks ago! Even crazier than that, the policy I was violating doesn’t even go into effect for a month! Unsure if it was a joke or a fraud email, I contacted the auction site to figure out what was going on. The response when I called them was so bizarre  I had to share it:


Me: “Why am I getting a policy violation notice for a policy that isn’t even in effect yet?”

Customer Service Person: “We’re helping you know how to be a better seller.”

Me: “By asking me to change an auction that’s ended to comply with a rule that’s not a rule yet?”

CSP: “Yes.”

Me: “Isn’t that like a cop giving someone a ticket for running a stop sign that’ll be installed next month?”

CSP: “Yes, but if it will help them be a better driver that makes him a good cop.”


Thanks, good cop. I’ll keep my eye out for that stop sign.

Written by Bryun Lemon

Bryun believes in having fun. Whether it's a date with his sweetheart, a trip to the grocery store, a walk up the road or a post about one of his eight crazy kids, this crazy dad likes to have fun.

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